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Freeland works with growers both at home and abroad. Growers from our European network provide a good and safe product. The close-knit Freeland team supplies many customers all over Europe every day. Freeland customers can be found in the supermarket branch, among wholesalers and in the processing industry. Growers associations are not only suppliers to Freeland but are also often customers.

A conscious decision has been taken for the strategy of keeping the line between the grower and the customer as short as possible – that is for chain integration at its best. This provides the customer with many advantages. Products are fresh and according to the specifications required by the customer. There is no unnecessary loading and unloading, which only leads to a loss of quality. Permanent relationships form an important part of the success!


Freeland bv was established in 1998 and was situated in the small Frisian village of Donkerbroek during its first years. The founder, Kees van den Bosch, had long been active in Scandinavia and it was here, therefore, that Freeland was very successful right from the beginning.

In contrast to other exporters, Freeland chose right from the start to operate as a sales office only without its own storage and transhipment facilities. This means, there fore, that no unnecessary costs are made and the quality of the product remains optimal. Over the years the company has grown to a team of 8 people with a total of more than 150 year’s experience between them. As the company grew so the markets have also changed. Freeland is now active all over Europe. This also had as conseguence that the premises were no longer adequate and in 2002 we moved to Emmen in Drenthe.

Freeland has developed form all-round exporter to specialist in vegetables grown outdoors. The strategy used at the beginning is even more relevant than ever! From grower and packer to the customer, chain integration- that is what you look for!


It seems incredible, but with Peakfresh iceberg lettuce remains fresh for over 40 days. And this offers many opportunities. The Peakfresh technology works by using minerals that are added to the plastic packaging. Simply put, these minerals adapt themselves to the product inside the packaging. That way, the sustainability of the vegetable is at least doubled.

We believe that this innovative way of packaging will trigger a revolution. Especially when it comes to exports to distant destinations such as the Canary Islands and Dubai. Iceberg lettuce in a Peakfresh packaging remains fresh for over 40 days. As a result, cheaper ways of transportation are possible, such as sea freight. This significantly reduces costs, and is also better for the environment.

Also supermarkets will soon be able to benefit from the Peakfresh experience. Normally, supermarkets have to dispose 20% of their trade because it is no longer fresh. With Peakfresh the products remain very fresh for over a month. So people can enjoy our iceberg lettuce for even longer.

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Would you like to know more about Peakfresh and the various possibilities? Please call the Sales team. On request you can we can send you the full Peakfresh test report containing all results of the investigation into Peakfresh as conducted by Life Sciences and the NHL University.

Important player in Europe

In the course of the past few years Freeland has developed into an important player in Europe for the products iceberg lettuce, broccoli, onions and cauliflower. We strive to do the best possible for our customers every day. The close-knit team and a full understanding of the trade make Freeland a flexible and reliable supplier!

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